Invisalign: The Truth About the Process

For those looking to have a brighter, more beautiful smile, Invisalign is the best option for this.  There are benefits to teeth straightening, but the most popular benefit of this is that they are clear aligners.  When you straighten your teeth like this, people won’t notice it.

The subtlety of this is what people love about it, and the discretion of this does make it possible for you to have a good appearance for work or a date, and you don’t have to worry about your teeth standing out, unlike traditional braces.  Adults do need to look a certain type of way for various social or professional settings, and Invisalign gives you this chance.

There are a few facts that you should know, and here, we’ll tell you about them, and why they matter in the treatment process.

The first thing is that it works on complex cases, not just those with mild crookedness. It works for gaps, straightening them, and even addresses bite issues.  The one thing it doesn’t is treat issues based on jawbone placement, so you’ll need traditional orthodontics or oral surgery with this.

Now, your treatment plan is established from the get-go.  You don’t have to sit there in mystery wondering if there is something that will come up. Measurements, digital images, and software will tell you where you’re going to go, and you’ll know each step along the way what type of aligner you’ll need for this.  This planning actually won’t cause a treatment delay either, which is pretty amazing.

You also can smile with these without people noticing that you’re straightening your teeth. Because they’re clear and removable, people don’t notice this, other than the fact that people may see that hey, your teeth are straighter.  You can take thee out to eat, so you’re not restricted on food, unlike traditional braces which can be rough the first day after a tightening.

You can get some attachments, which are squares that are attached to teeth to help keep them in position in an easier fashion and so that people can move them.

You may have to wear a retainer as well once you’re done with this. That in fact, is completely normal so don’t freak out over it.

Retainers and braces are great for perfecting your smile. they’re also great if you want to feel more confident.  While many times people will get traditional braces, in the adult world, lots of times that just isn’t feasible, since it can be a bit awkward for people and things.  If you’re worried about it showing, you can always talk to your dentist, and you can from there, choose whether it is right for you. Usually, your dentist will go through this with you, and you can always talk to your dentist about a consultation that works, and some of the various aspects that can be done in order to help you have a brighter, better smile as a result of this.

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