Characteristics of Top Ranked Healthcare Websites

Marketing websites do not come with expiration dates: will end on ____ or must use by ____. What happens when it is time to revamp is that the effectiveness will quietly fade a way.  Once powerful marketing messages will come across as overdone, wimpy, and yesterday’s news. When this happens, you will know it is time for a new design for your healthcare website. So, what should you do in order to make sure it ranks well?

Here are some characteristics of top ranked healthcare websites besides consulting local Chiropractic SEO:

  • Fast Website Load Speed. This one is critical folks.  If your website takes too long to load, people are going to move on to another one.  Consumers expect the internet to work quickly.  Patience is not something that people want to practice exercising when looking up information on the web. People want instant gratification, immediate answers, and information to pop up within a few seconds. Keep in mind that fast website load speed is even more important on mobile devices than it is on desktops, which brings us to our next point.
  • Mobile Friendly. Google has recently mandated (April 2015) that websites are mobile friendly.  If they aren’t, Google says that they will not be ranked highly.  This isn’t an indication, but a promise. Google knows that people searching the internet are using mobile devices more and more, even those seeking information about healthcare.
  • Crystal Clear Call to Action. Don’t be vague.  Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t leave people to guess.  Your website visitors need to have a clear idea of what your healthcare business is all about.  Provide clear next steps that inspire them to move forward to the next stage of the process.

  • Site Does Not Look Like a Template/Theme. Although pre-built sites may look visually interesting, they also give off a look like everyone else. In that case, your website will risk the appearance of plagiarism as there may be duplicate content out there.  Google does not like this, and it will greatly affect search rankings.
  • Does Not Have Flash. Although Flash was once a popular tool to have on a website, Google no longer indexes it. Apple mobile devices don’t even support it, which will leave your users in trouble.  Don’t hurt your search results placement with Flash.
  • No Thin Content. If your website pages don’t produce value, they are considered ‘thin’. Make sure your content is rich, thick, interesting, and engaging. Post blogs frequently and stay up to date on your social media pages.

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