Why Brand Loyalty Matters for your Healthcare Practice

Brand loyalty is the act of committing to a specific brand and will make repeated purchases there regardless of the price or convenience.  Think about it.  Is there a particular store that you will choose over another simply because of the way it makes you feel?  Maybe it’s a grocery store or a department store.  Every time you go you have a good experience, the customer service is over the top, and you are always satisfied with your purchases. The store down the street might offer lower prices, but it definitely doesn’t offer the same shopping experience which is why you continue to stick to your favorite one.

The same applies in the healthcare world.  Patients want to feel a connection with the staff of a healthcare practice.  They want to feel like they matter, that they are important, and that they are receiving the best possible care.  It should be the utmost goal of each employee at a healthcare practice to build and foster relationships with each patient that walks through the door.  Not only is it good for business because they will become long-term customers, but it is good for the patient’s overall well being. As the relationships between the patients and doctor improves, so will their health.

Perceived Value of Service

The perceived value a customer has isn’t the actual value, rather it is what they feel the service is worth.  For a patient, it is their opinion of how the service is and is solely based on the experience they had with the doctor and overall practice. It is important to remember that in today’s day and age, patients have a choice.  If they don’t perceive they are getting valuable care from you, they will move on to the doctor down the street where they feel they are there. It is up to the physician’s office to make sure that each patient has the best possible experience, from the wait in the waiting room to how kind the receptionist was to how caring the doctor was.


In addition to this, your patients come in with an expectation of how their experience will go based on the marketing messages you are sending out. Is your care matching up to that message you are communicating? Your patients and their opinions will drive your practice, as word of mouth and online reviews spread.

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