How to Make a Claim Against an Uninsured Driver

One problem with many drivers that get into road accidents is that someone on the other end might be uninsured.  You may hit someone with no cover, and that’s something that bears a heavy fine.  Driving uninsured can earn you a penalty that’s up to 300 euros, and it’ll cause you to accrue six points on your license.  In the best case scenario though, you might end up having to pay a fine of 5000 euros, and there’s even a driving ban.  Since 2005, the police can also take your car, even destroying it, with about 500 being seized every day and 1560 of them crushed.


The worst of these typically happen in the Midlands or Yorkshire, and Birmingham has about eight times the average of dodgy drivers.  Many people do get away with it, but there is a way to make sure that an uninsured driver does get the punishment they desert.

How to Avoid this

The first, is to drive in areas where there aren’t these types of drivers for one, even in areas that are nearly zero in terms of those that get away with it.  However, if someone does hit you that is uninsured and then they run away, you’re not alone.  The Motor Insurer’s Bureau actually gives you compensation for any damage from drivers.  It is funded y insured drivers, and it’ll be funded to premiums.  The MIB will cover these costs, and from there, you can also get rehab and care if needed.

You can also claim against the person at hand for a no-claim bonus more than what you’re charged by your insurer, even though you can’t claim that for a premium.  This process can be involved though, because the MIB does need to establish the liability, look for witnesses, and other evidence against these, and it might take a few months.  In that case, you should have a lawyer deal with this.  You however will need to make sure that you do have the information needed.  This is a lengthy process, and the MIB will need to show the liability, get witnesses, and then asses the medical realities.  It’s pretty length, but if you do get the vehicle declared uninsured, you can have the vehicle seized with minimally a fine of 100 euros, and as much as a fine up to 1000 euros.

If you are going to make the claim, the first thing you should do is talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.  You will be entitled possibly to up to the compensation for all the injuries and losses.  The sooner you do this, the better.

With this, you can get the right sort of restitution of the damages that you face. This article showed you how it’s possible, what it is you have to do, and everything in between in order to help you file and create the best claims possible for your various accidents and injuries that you suffer.

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