Simple and Practical Steps to De-Optimize Your Optimized Content

Every business and every company want to secure their place on the first page of the search engine. Every effort put into your content to obtaining optimization is imperative, but, what it about when you ‘overdo’ your strategies; what if you take your optimization effort too far? Well, you may be ranked at the top, but your audience may not see the value of your content, and this, will with no doubt affect your organic search ranking.

Your ultimate goal when creating content was to achieve web visibility, but to achieve better conversion rates; your web visibility needs to have a positive value to the customers. What happens when you realize this is not the case?

You need to start planning on ways to ‘de-optimize’ your overly-optimized content before Google Penguin or Panda comes slapping you on the face. Below, are some few simple but practical recommendation that will work for your “overly SEO’ed.”

Step1: Trace the over-optimized content

Of course, you cannot de-optimize content without finding the over-optimized content. Some of the things you need to consider include;

  • High keyword density on footers and content
  • Non-branded URLs
  • Internal links used with keyword-rich anchor text
  • High backlink velocity

You need to ensure that your content is valuable and that it complies with guideline set by Google webmaster. It is advisable that you run a website audit and find out where your site stand and if the site is over-optimized then you definitely have a lot of work to do.

Step 2: Analyze your content

It is not easy to analyze content, but with the right tools, analysis can be a simple process. You need to identify the areas, main keywords, or the content that need to be ‘fixed’. Identify the keyword and content that work on your website and work on those following Google guidelines. If you have relevant content on your website page, Google will make a connection with them, but ,with deceptive keywords, or stuffed ads, your content will drop your ranking in no time.

Step 3: De-optimize your content

Now it is time to de-optimize your content. Well, there are two basic ways to do this; first, you can update or redirect the existing content and make it readable and of value to the client. This means you will have to get rid of outdated information or the information that is unnecessary. Redirecting your site content will ensure that you do not provide bad user experience and will ensure that you keep your site audience engaged.

The second way to de-optimize your content is through re-optimization, and doing this by following guidelines set by Google. Make sure you improve your content until it is better than the already ranked results.

Step 4: Use “fetch as Google” tool

As soon as you have de-optimized your content, you need to use this tool to see how Google crawls and how it will render particular URL from your site. Google will show information that is more accurate from your site, and this will help move up in the SERP, not to mention, your content will be indexed quickly.

Step 5: Focus on the search visibility growth

You need to know whether your search visibility is trending upward and if not there is more work that you must want to do. Track the growth and review your rankings or alternatively, you can use the rank checking tool.

Optimization is critical, but you have to make sure you do not overdo it; otherwise, you will be damaging your site and your marketing strategies right from the start. You can find valuable Marketing tips for small Business at It will be detected by Panda or Penguin, or even worse will be triggered by a manual action, and sooner or later Google will sight your site in no time.

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Real Estate Newbie Investor

People see me as a real estate lord. An overwhelming amount of individuals wants to know how they can make money with real estate. It’s exciting to hear about how a blue collar employee got into real estate without any background in it. I can recall when I was new, everything was frightening. It is the reason why I started slowly. I missed out on deals that were no-brainers and only required one to invest. I was afraid and did not know books were published on this and did not know how to research on market rents.

Most of you believe that you need to know a lot more than you already know to get started. In a display of transparency, I am going to share seven examples of things I didn’t find out till my foot set on investing in RE.

1. You do not need the perfect deal.
Perfection ends up in procrastination. Sometimes it is better to get it done compared to presenting a perfect product. My pursuit of perfection caused me to be sidelined instead of playing because I was not fit yet. The truth is, the value of your first investment is what you learned, and not what you earn. Target on making cash and buying properties in school districts and safe neighborhoods at below market price.

2. Do not undervalue the importance of relationships in RE.
When I was new in the industry, I was penny wise. Here is the fact that most of you do not know yet. People, who are not your brilliance, are the ones who bring you the majority of deals especially if you are new in the game. If individuals know how they can assist you, they will. Make sure that your friends know that you are looking to purchase good deals. To my shame, I didn’t focus on this; I was short-sighted. Make it a priority to help others.

3. It is less frightening than you think.
Lots of people do not get started because they do not know what to expect. All they can visualize is what they stand to lose. While it’s crucial to measure risk, one of the risks individuals fail to measure is what they stand to lose by the lack of investing. The truth is, you will never know everything in the field that you want to venture. You’ll find yourself learning at a high rate once set your foot in the game and own property.

4. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are an investor when you are an analyzer
So many people love talking about the game thinking that it means they’re playing it. They play on calculators to see the returns. Real estate is not fantasy football. You do not get points for watching others play and win.

Real Estate Newbie Investor

5. Realize not knowing where the market going is OK.
I spend a significant amount of time thinking if I should buy, sell, or wait. Cash flow is the equalizer in RE. If the market rises, I make lots of money when selling. If the market depreciates, I don’t lose anything if I don’t sell. I cannot predict the market flow, but I know families are going to need a place to stay.

6. You CAN overcome the lack of sufficient reserves.
I didn’t need that much in the past because of my disposable income. However, if you are not acquiring because you do not have enough in reserves, that is no excuse. R E investing is still a business; it’s putting money to work for you while assuming some risk while in the act. If you are trying to use real estate as a way to build wealth but you are not creating wealth with what you have, then, you are not ready for this.

7. Finding a support system is very possible.
Support systems are necessary, but if you are reading this, you already have access to one. Not starting because you do not have a support system is silly. Reaching out and find one like Point breeze Real estate. Your future you is dependent on your present action. Don’t be like the former me.


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Characteristics of Top Ranked Healthcare Websites

Marketing websites do not come with expiration dates: will end on ____ or must use by ____. What happens when it is time to revamp is that the effectiveness will quietly fade a way.  Once powerful marketing messages will come across as overdone, wimpy, and yesterday’s news. When this happens, you will know it is time for a new design for your healthcare website. So, what should you do in order to make sure it ranks well?

Here are some characteristics of top ranked healthcare websites besides consulting local Chiropractic SEO:

  • Fast Website Load Speed. This one is critical folks.  If your website takes too long to load, people are going to move on to another one.  Consumers expect the internet to work quickly.  Patience is not something that people want to practice exercising when looking up information on the web. People want instant gratification, immediate answers, and information to pop up within a few seconds. Keep in mind that fast website load speed is even more important on mobile devices than it is on desktops, which brings us to our next point.
  • Mobile Friendly. Google has recently mandated (April 2015) that websites are mobile friendly.  If they aren’t, Google says that they will not be ranked highly.  This isn’t an indication, but a promise. Google knows that people searching the internet are using mobile devices more and more, even those seeking information about healthcare.
  • Crystal Clear Call to Action. Don’t be vague.  Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t leave people to guess.  Your website visitors need to have a clear idea of what your healthcare business is all about.  Provide clear next steps that inspire them to move forward to the next stage of the process.

  • Site Does Not Look Like a Template/Theme. Although pre-built sites may look visually interesting, they also give off a look like everyone else. In that case, your website will risk the appearance of plagiarism as there may be duplicate content out there.  Google does not like this, and it will greatly affect search rankings.
  • Does Not Have Flash. Although Flash was once a popular tool to have on a website, Google no longer indexes it. Apple mobile devices don’t even support it, which will leave your users in trouble.  Don’t hurt your search results placement with Flash.
  • No Thin Content. If your website pages don’t produce value, they are considered ‘thin’. Make sure your content is rich, thick, interesting, and engaging. Post blogs frequently and stay up to date on your social media pages.
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Why Brand Loyalty Matters for your Healthcare Practice

Brand loyalty is the act of committing to a specific brand and will make repeated purchases there regardless of the price or convenience.  Think about it.  Is there a particular store that you will choose over another simply because of the way it makes you feel?  Maybe it’s a grocery store or a department store.  Every time you go you have a good experience, the customer service is over the top, and you are always satisfied with your purchases. The store down the street might offer lower prices, but it definitely doesn’t offer the same shopping experience which is why you continue to stick to your favorite one.

The same applies in the healthcare world.  Patients want to feel a connection with the staff of a healthcare practice.  They want to feel like they matter, that they are important, and that they are receiving the best possible care.  It should be the utmost goal of each employee at a healthcare practice to build and foster relationships with each patient that walks through the door.  Not only is it good for business because they will become long-term customers, but it is good for the patient’s overall well being. As the relationships between the patients and doctor improves, so will their health.

Perceived Value of Service

The perceived value a customer has isn’t the actual value, rather it is what they feel the service is worth.  For a patient, it is their opinion of how the service is and is solely based on the experience they had with the doctor and overall practice. It is important to remember that in today’s day and age, patients have a choice.  If they don’t perceive they are getting valuable care from you, they will move on to the doctor down the street where they feel they are there. It is up to the physician’s office to make sure that each patient has the best possible experience, from the wait in the waiting room to how kind the receptionist was to how caring the doctor was.


In addition to this, your patients come in with an expectation of how their experience will go based on the marketing messages you are sending out. Is your care matching up to that message you are communicating? Your patients and their opinions will drive your practice, as word of mouth and online reviews spread.

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New Law in Florida Determines what Negligence is

For many personal injury claims, often there is a turn on one part being negligent or not.  However, it has multiple meanings, and in some injuries, the issue definitely does depend on whether it was a negligent or a grossly negligent case. For example, in one case where one was a sub-contractor on a project that one worked with many under, a guy fell and was injured.  In response, the contractor did sue the parties that the company he was working for associated with along with many others, but as well, he sued another sub-contractor.

However, this was dismissed from the case buy the sub-contractor because the employer’s own negligence wasn’t the contributing part of the injury. Though this, it was determine whether the action contributed to the cause of the injury. Because of that, whether the injury was due to the subcontractor the employer had or if the accident was because of the company in general, did determine the fate of the case.



At the trial, the court did hear that the defendant didn’t cover up a hole that was actually cut through the scaffolding, but then the court did determine that it was nearly negligence and not gross negligence, and because of that, the lower court did dismiss the cases against the defendant.

When it went to appeal, the court actually reversed this, because the line between these two is often not very certain or distinct, and often, the question of whether the negligence was big or small, is typically determined by the jury.  Because it wasn’t resolved by the jury, it wasn’t fitting for the lower court to decide without the jury.


What does this mean for personal injury plaintiffs now though? Well, it actually is very specific in this case, and it’s not one of those cases that caused a huge impact in Florida personal injury cases.  Many times, this sort of case really will affect only ones that are similar i9n a sense, such as in the case of personal injury suits that a subcontractor does bring to those that are employed.

For most other personal injury cases, it actually might not be the same, but if you do have a personal injury case that is similar in nature to the one described here, you might want to take it upon yourself to realize that in this sort of instance, it isn’t necessarily the judge determines the fate of someone who is filing the claim, but in fact, at a higher court, the jury are the ones that will be determining what will be happening to the suit that the plaintiff delivers, and from there, it’s best to realize that they hold the key to determining who is at fault here, and also it’s important to know that in this day and age, gross negligence is actually something that is different from the typical negligence that you might hear about, so it’s good to see the difference.


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How to Make a Claim Against an Uninsured Driver

One problem with many drivers that get into road accidents is that someone on the other end might be uninsured.  You may hit someone with no cover, and that’s something that bears a heavy fine.  Driving uninsured can earn you a penalty that’s up to 300 euros, and it’ll cause you to accrue six points on your license.  In the best case scenario though, you might end up having to pay a fine of 5000 euros, and there’s even a driving ban.  Since 2005, the police can also take your car, even destroying it, with about 500 being seized every day and 1560 of them crushed.


The worst of these typically happen in the Midlands or Yorkshire, and Birmingham has about eight times the average of dodgy drivers.  Many people do get away with it, but there is a way to make sure that an uninsured driver does get the punishment they desert.

How to Avoid this

The first, is to drive in areas where there aren’t these types of drivers for one, even in areas that are nearly zero in terms of those that get away with it.  However, if someone does hit you that is uninsured and then they run away, you’re not alone.  The Motor Insurer’s Bureau actually gives you compensation for any damage from drivers.  It is funded y insured drivers, and it’ll be funded to premiums.  The MIB will cover these costs, and from there, you can also get rehab and care if needed.

You can also claim against the person at hand for a no-claim bonus more than what you’re charged by your insurer, even though you can’t claim that for a premium.  This process can be involved though, because the MIB does need to establish the liability, look for witnesses, and other evidence against these, and it might take a few months.  In that case, you should have a lawyer deal with this.  You however will need to make sure that you do have the information needed.  This is a lengthy process, and the MIB will need to show the liability, get witnesses, and then asses the medical realities.  It’s pretty length, but if you do get the vehicle declared uninsured, you can have the vehicle seized with minimally a fine of 100 euros, and as much as a fine up to 1000 euros.

If you are going to make the claim, the first thing you should do is talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.  You will be entitled possibly to up to the compensation for all the injuries and losses.  The sooner you do this, the better.

With this, you can get the right sort of restitution of the damages that you face. This article showed you how it’s possible, what it is you have to do, and everything in between in order to help you file and create the best claims possible for your various accidents and injuries that you suffer.

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